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A Multi Media Fluid Artist…

Zoe is a contemporary fluid artist based in the outer western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. Her main focus is on creating artworks that convey her interpretation of the deep, dark and unknown caverns of the ocean and more recently, the intense depths of the night sky. Working in mostly an abstract fashion, Zoe works with layers of fluid acrylic, ink and resin in order to reach the translucency and vivid “water-like” appearance she is known for.

Zoe refers to herself as “The Blue Artist” where Blue, of all shades, is the predominant focus in all of her artworks. Having not only grown up on the coastline of the Bass Strait where the icy depths are known for being the roughest waters of Australia; she is also an avid traveller, where the Fjords and Glaciers of Norway, and the Coral Reefs of Vanuatu and New Caledonia have also fuelled her passion for depicting oceans and water in her artwork.

Her artworks are produced by a method of layering and working with fluid acrylic in a series of stages. Sometimes applying inks, gloss mediums, high pigment paints and when required, epoxy resin. Her art can sometimes be displayed on functional pieces, such as cheese/serving boards or platters, or even coasters. Mostly, she works on canvas, as this provides the best space for exploration, trial and error.

Artist in show

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Zoe’s artworks have been displayed across many country towns of North West Victoria. Most recently she has exhibited at:

B-Mac Gallery - Hand Made Exhibition - July 2019

B-Mac Gallery - Winter Exhibition - June 2019

B-Mac Gallery - Colours of Autumn Exhibition - April 2019

RAW - Natural Born Artist - Melbourne - February 2019

Woodend Art Group - Annual Exhibition - November 2018
Exhibitor and Demonstrator

Woodend Art Group - Winter Art Show- 2018
Exhibitor and Demonstrator

Trentham Easter Art a& Craft Show - April 2018
**Winner of Best Acrylic in Show**

Zoe’s artworks currently (and in between exhibitions) live on the walls of Sunbury Physiotherapy clinic, in Sunbury Victoria. A sample of her works can be found adorned on the walls there for perusal.

Above all else, Zoe uses her art as a form of therapy; as an escape from a sometimes complicated and confusing reality. Zoe is a strong advocate for mental health, mental health awareness and reducing the stigma behind mental health related illnesses. Zoe, herself, suffers from Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) and uses her art for an outlet, a release and a method more managing cycling panic attacks, anxiety, depression and grief. Understanding first hand what it’s like to suffer with a mental illness, Zoe promotes awareness and the important of mental health management in all exhibitions and shows she participates in.

*Delve Into*
I'm getting better at this game.
Eventually I'll know what I'm doing.

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'“It’s a very messy process, and takes days to cure and develop. When I walk away from the canvas, It’s never the same when I return…”

All of Zoe's pieces are one of a kind, hand made art works, using appropriately sourced acrylic paints and canvases to suit the pieces she creates. No one piece is the same as another, as her art style is fluid and continues to change throughout the curing process. Zoe is an intuitive artist, an autodidact and endeavours to explore and learn new methods and techniques every day.