About Zoe

Zoe lives in the outer western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia; and for as long as she can remember, she has always loved art.

As a child her earliest memories were painting with water on the concrete in her backyard and watching her pictures vanish with the sun. In school, she received high marks for her "thinking outside the box" paintings, sculptures and installations. She was also the first student in her school enrolled in tandem art classes, studying both vocational art and higher studies art as well as participating in art classes outside of school.

Zoe grew up, in her younger years, on the south coastline of Victoria, not too far from Phillip Island. After school and on weekends she would ride her bike down to the beach and spend endless hours on the shoreline, collecting rocks and shells. When the tide was low she could walk hundreds of meters out towards the dark water of the ocean, the blurry line where turquoise and aqua clear waters crossed over with the phthalo and prussain blue depths of the cold Bass Strait.

Regardless of the season, temperature or weather, Zoe would swim. For endless hours, dubbed the “human ice berg” by her family, Zoe refused to leave even the coldest waters until home time.

In later years, Zoe lived in far north Queensland in the Tropics, and again, not too far from the beach. The ocean always being a central point of reference in Zoe’s upbringing.

As an adult, Zoe has travelled to many different countries and has experienced many different cultures. The most notable being her 3 week long trip to Norway, where cruising through the Fjords of Norway was beyond one of the most amazing experiences of her life. Cruising to Vanuatu on two further separate occasions again solidified her love of the ocean, its vastness and its depth.

Her future plans to cruise to New Zealand to experience the National Parks and waters of the Southern Island are already well underway, visiting the Fjords having been a strong desire of hers for years.

Inspired by her love of the ocean, Zoe has developed skills in water colour, fluid acrylic and most recently in epoxy resin to create artworks that resonate with her love of the ocean.

When Zoe isn't working, she is spending her time painting for both herself and others. Zoe uses art as a form of therapy, a management of anxiety and uses it to promote her own mental health and the awareness of PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder).

Zoe is a strong advocate of Mental Health Awareness, especially in youth, and has also partaken in studies for Youth Work, where in the future she hopes provide Art Therapy (Self expression, not clinical) and Fluid Acrylic workshops for disadvantaged youth.

All of Zoe's pieces are one of a kind, hand made art works, using the best sourced acrylic paints and canvases to suit the pieces she creates. No one piece is the same as another, as her art style is fluid and continues to change throughout the curing process. Zoe is an intuitive artist, meaning that she works with the painting, following the flow of the paint and the direction it takes her.